The blues collection #2 “Boogie man”

The second collection suggested blues player namely “Bookie man”.  He is John Lee Hooker. This collection has 18 songs which are;

    1. Boom boom
    2. Crawlin’ king snake
    3. Boogie chillun
    4. I’m in the mood
    5. Leave my wife alone
    6. Time is marching
    7. One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
    8. Bround Hog blues
    9. Dimples
    10. Walkin’ the boogie
    11. Hobo blues
    12. It serves me right to suffer
    13. High priced womab
    14. The waterfront
    15. This is hip
    16. Goin’ mad blues
    17. Wandering blues
    18. House rent boogie